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What others think of femslash madness:

so it's like a big tournament and it goes on forever and everybody votes and then it goes to final four and final two and then the Champions are crowned!
I didn't know the nerdy lesbian super bowl happened in August.
Yep! After that, I think all our periods synced up in comeraderie.

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Scrolling through the Jonner tag like

'Connor is gay its so canon'


'Im so glad that Connor's gay!'

'Connor and Jude are gay im so happy'

Like no Connor is not gay. He is canonically interested in girls (Maddie) and Jude (and possibly more boys) meaning WOAH WHAT hes a…

Honestly, Connor is young so they could go either gay or bi with him realistically, but if they choose to make him gay, they really need to add a bisexual character to the show because there has been a distinct lack of bisexuality thus far.

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Vote now! Femslash Madness Final Round!


Everybody still votin’? I know, I know, you’re sick of hearing about it. We only have a 2+ point lead and we could sure do with a larger one going into tonight (when those mysterious night voters vote against us).

You already know this, but it ends at 11:00 EST tomorrow morning. Get out there and give us a bump and I promise I’ll shut the fuck up about it. : )

Go get ‘em, guys.

I believe the mysterious night voters are Russian. They are awake while we’re asleep.  I’m voting, but not a single one of my votes counted all day because “already been counted” despite cache clear, cookies clear & browser history cleared. We’re doing our best. :(

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Hey there.

Any chance someone have popcorn love in .epub or pdf? I want re-read it in my tablet and fanfiction.net don’t left you download fanfic like ao3 does :(

Try the Pocketfiction app. :)