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We matter. We matter to Lana & to the future of queer representation in media.

Does she think we are stupid? That she suddenly “cares” two weeks before the premiere? Where was this “support” 2 years ago after SDCC? Why did she spend so much time…

Bingo. It’s exactly what they did last year, posting a SQ pic the night of the premiere & then dropping us again.

Where was the SQ love the entire summer? Where was it when a fan asked her a Swan Mills family question at Fairytales II?

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We matter. We matter to Lana & to the future of queer representation in media.

Does she think we are stupid? That she suddenly “cares” two weeks before the premiere?  Where was this “support” 2 years ago after SDCC?  Why did she spend so much time talking about fans who harass us daily in an interview that WE WON?

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I Can't With This "Boycott OUAT" Shit


I get it. We’re upset about that lack of LGBTQ representation on OUAT. As a person with a perfect cultural disadvantage trifecta myself (gay female minority), I understand the sentiment. I’ve unfortunately gotten used to not seeing much diversity on mainstream TV. That said, all this stuff with…

Other ways to be heard? LOL Like the massive letter writing campaign we did (and took pictures of) two years ago where all the letters were mysteriously “lost”? Despite a copy being sent to Adam, Eddy, JMo & Lana each separately?  Like the constantly winning polls and having the highest numbers of fanfiction for any pairing on the show?

Please, tell us, oh wise one, how can we be heard that we haven’t already tried other than a boycott/social media blackout?

The careers of two actresses who have been tepid at best toward our fandom does not overrule my need to protest the following:

1. The show’s continual need to be anti-adoption and disrespectful to the Regina/Henry relationship, even giving Regina a replacement family so that people will stop talking about her relationship with her son.

2. The show’s promotion of rape culture and lack of importance of consent.  Four characters are now canon rapists, and at least two more have done things that could be considered sexual assault.

3.  The show’s extreme lack of diversity, both with PoC and with LGBT.

4.  The lack of respect shown by cast and crew to its viewers.

And that’s just what I have time to write before work. This show has a host of issues beyond SwanQueen being canon, although many of us had been holding out hope that the writers would hear our plea and make some actual changes without extreme measures.

If OUAT is cancelled as a result, perhaps the next show will listen to its fans about the importance of fairytales and happy endings to represent all of their viewers.

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Swan Queen thoughts


I don’t usually do this but I am going to ask my fellow Swan Queen shippers/fans/etc to not give up on the show. I just read through Adam’s tweets and he seems to say that the writer who spoke about SQ does not know what they have planned. No one knows except A&E. Don’t get mad and run away…

Actually, a boycott is the only way we can get through to these execs that we mean what we say. They ‘bait’ because they believe we will still watch regardless of canon unlike the tweens. If we show them we won’t put up with no representation, rape culture, adultery, anti-adoption garbage, they’ll have to write something watchable to stay on the air.

Boycotts worked for both Xena & Buffy.

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I feel I need to make one more statment about the AfterEllen interview


Even though I think we should continue on as if SQ isnt going to happen do NOT stop fighting for it.

Keep boycotting, participate in the days of silence coming up… But we NOW know where we stand. This is a damn good thing. Now we know for sure what we have planned is the right corse of action.

Everyone just take a deep breath and relax.


okay now, lets do this!

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thinking about this recent Twitter-related blowup (is it #teagate?) and the previous one around AfterEllen, i have noticed one key thing: this shit doesn’t happen with Lana.

if SwanQueen shippers were really the problem, it would. so what other elements comprise the situation?

Jen: Lana has the…

I actually disagree with a lot of this. Our fandom as a whole tends to “let it go” with Lana a great deal because she acknowledged SwanQueen fanart early in season one, whereas Jen only acknowledged SwanQueen after SDCC 2013 when people rightly objected to her “all my ships are on this couch” interview. Both JMo and Lana have been inconsistent in their support of fans from all pairings, and Lana got a lot of heat after Fairytales II as well as from an interview she did where she stated Regina’s love interest had to be “manly” and that lesbians identified with her & JMo because they were “in touch with their masculine sides.”

While the CS shippers come into our tag more often, when OQers do, it’s more offensive (the fake Tanya Maguire who posted naked pics of her “husband” in our tag) and more insidious (Regina/happiness).  When was the last time a CSer said we should ship all Emma ships because we love Emma?

Basically, both actresses have a ways to go, but Lana seems to at least be willing to make the effort, seeing as how she actually did the interview (a month later with no twitter acknowledgement).

The real problem is that whoever is in charge of their PR is living in the early 90s when it was acceptable to pretend queer fans didn’t exist.

oh no, i did not mean to imply that no bullshit ever happens with Lana/OQ, just that this format of poor twitter usage, flaming, actor being presented as a victim doesn’t happen. 

Lana has undoubtedly said horrible shit in interviews, as  you note. frustrates the hell out of me every time (i even wrote a fix-it fic!). for that format, she’s the one who needs a bit more education in how to be diplomatic.

re: OQ as a fan base, again, i mean the specific ways CS come into the tag talking about conflicts they in most cases precipitated. there are problems with OQ-ers in the tag, but the form of the problems is again profoundly different.

Ok, we’re on the same wavelength now. :)

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You know, the worst part of all of this fandom fuckery is that it never ends. As a Latina queer woman who has been abused, it’s not my job to educate people and to make them stop being sexist or homophobic or ableist or racist or to make them see rape culture. The problem is that if I don’t do…

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?

—says the Jewish lesbian who is standing up with you.  We will make the world a better place together.